Church Records Management

Very few resources exist to assist church secretaries and clerks in keeping and destroying church records, and in knowing when a record has been kept long enough.  The resources below are made available to help in those plans and decisions.  They are provided as recommendations only, and are not mandatory.

Church records management article

Church records retention schedule

Record inventory sheet and sample

Scholarship Program

Southwest Baptist University (SBU) and Hannibal LaGrange University (HLGU) are cooperating with the Missouri Baptist Historical Commission to offer one $2,000 scholarship to freshman or sophomore students attending SBU and one $2,000 scholarship to freshmen or sophomore students attending HLGU.


Plan a Celebration

Anniversaries are exciting times of life.  They make us look back to where we’ve been, and compel us to look forward to the path ahead, and each participant brings their own perspective to the remembrances.  A church’s anniversary can be a time of uniting to celebrate the growth of God’s kingdom.