The Missouri Baptist Historical Commission exists to facilitate churches in remembering their past by assisting in the preservation of church records, and by recognizing special anniversaries.  The Missouri Baptist Historical Commission has expanded its focus from primarily serving the historical researcher, toward serving churches in preserving and maintaining their own history.  This website has been created to help churches find answers on maintaining church history, and to provide a resource to contact for more in-depth information.

Request a Commemorative Certificate

The Missouri Baptist Historical Commission is proud to present a certificate in recognition of milestone anniversaries in Missouri Baptist churches. If your church would like the Historical Commission to provide such a certificate, please contact us by clicking here.

Members of the Historical Commission

The Missouri Baptist Historical Commission is made up of nine members from throughout the state. The Commissioners are selected, three each year, by the Missouri Baptist Convention to serve three-year terms, with no more than three consecutive terms. Click here for a listing of currently serving Commissioners.


Many churches do not have the resources within their congregation to preserve their history. The MBHC provides assistance for churches to carry their past into the future. Click here

Missouri  Baptist  Historical  Commission
400 East High Street | Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 636-0400 ext. 301 | (800) 736-6227 ext. 301

Scholarship Program

Southwest Baptist University (SBU) and Hannibal LaGrange University (HLGU) are cooperating with the Missouri Baptist Historical Commission to offer one $2,000 scholarship to freshman or sophomore students attending SBU and one $2,000 scholarship to freshmen or sophomore students attending HLGU.


Plan a Celebration

Anniversaries are exciting times of life.  They make us look back to where we’ve been, and compel us to look forward to the path ahead, and each participant brings their own perspective to the remembrances.  A church’s anniversary can be a time of uniting to celebrate the growth of God’s kingdom.